It is true that you learn from every experience, the good and the bad ones. The past weeks have been stressing but very interesting. For instance, the crowdfunding events we (my husband and I) did last month didn’t turn out the way we expected. Although we promoted the events, very little people showed up. I must say that after you put your heart on something and things go wrong, it’s quite a bummer, but we did learn not get our hopes down and to find other ways of making our short, and also, to never promote crowdfunding events as such. In the end, we decided to do the short in a very low budget and asking local filmmakers for favors, we are doing it with or without money.

Recently, I also had the opportunity of working in a cineminute with a couple of new friends who trusted us in writing a script for a feature film they’re producing here in Cancun. These people have worked in other films and have a lot more experience than we do, which can sometimes be a little intimidating, but mostly thrilling. I’ve also had to deal with people who judge every thing I do or say, and even worse, steal many of my ideas. Maybe some time ago I would’ve cared about those people, but honestly, now all I see in them is envy and very little imagination. The only negative ego I want to deal with is my own and no one else’s. To those people the only thing I have to say is the same thing I say to my negative side: Go fuck yourself.

Neda Ruscic


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