I’m sure you have noticed how time seems to pass faster when you are having fun or when you’re really focused doing something, than when you are completely bored, then it goes so slow that you can barely stand it. So, although we can measure time and an hour, a day, a week, or a month will be the same “amount” of time everywhere, in each of our minds the same period will pass differently according to our perception and our current state of mind. It’s like when by the end of the week (the holy TGIF) you say to your friend how fast the week passed and your friend says quite the opposite, to your friend the week went very slowly. Without messing with any scientific laws, I just want to tell you about how my perception of time passing has changed over the last couple of months.

Here comes my “Dear Diary” part of the blog. Between January and June time passed very slowly for me, I wasn’t doing any real projects of my own and the ones with my husband were not progressing as expected. Then in June we started the fund raising events for our short Eufemio and although we couldn’t get the funds, other things started to happen: we met very interesting people, including the couple of friends who created a film workshop we are taking and with whom we are currently working on several projects. So long story short, my husband and I are currently writing two movie scripts to be produced within the next months (a romantic comedy and an action movie), Eufemio will be shot in late November (we’re working on pre-production) and we’re taking the film workshop, with an upcoming short to be shot in a few weeks.

Frida in a cream shade
Frida in a cream shade

As for myself, last month I shot my very first session with a model (Frida). It was very simple but I’m pleased with the result, even with its flaws, because in my next shooting I won’t be making those mistakes again. As for time passing, with the amount of work we’ve got, you’d think that time’s passing quickly for us, but no, not at all, it’s been slower than molasses. At first I was stressed as hell, now I’m happy with everything that we’re doing and I love the course my life is taking. I don’t mind if time seems to pass slothlike, that’s ok now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this (hope time flew!) and if you’ve got another moment, please stop at my Flickr to see my photo session with Frida. Till next time!


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