It was around noon, the time I’d usually have a smoke (one of the five or six a day), when, surprisingly, I didn’t think of a cigarette. Instead, it was the same as yesterday, it was the urge of a brownie. My chocolaty, sweet, delicious friend was calling me in a whisper, like the wind blowing through tree branches.

-Make me -he said.

Once it was out of the oven and I saw my creation, I felt guilty. I knew that I was changing one addiction for another. But the brownie was there, and it was alive…

-Eat me.

-No, I’ll get fat.

-It’s ok, you’re working out.

-But I’m supposed to start having a healthier life. Why can’t you understand that?

-Because I’m a brownie and I’m fucking delicious, deal with it, bitch.

-Well, okay.

And I ate the goddamn thing.

The end.

I have no will against chocolate…


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