There’s a beast loose in my neighborhood. Careful, don’t even look at it in the eye if don’t want to get your head ripped off. I do have a taste for brains…

Like a werewolf woman, I became myself again after the horrible transformation. All I saw around me was the destruction I left behind. It was a bloodshed. The worst part is that I know I enjoyed it. Oh yes, I did. I knew I was being a monster and I didn’t care. All I felt was adrenaline and the torrent of power that came from within as I ravaged everything.

People ran at the sight of me, most of them were afraid, and those who weren’t… I killed. I tore them apart like the blood bags they were. I wasn’t even interested in their flesh, it was blood I wanted, I wanted to paint myself red.

A few hours later, I took a shower to wash the coagulated blood and the sticky pieces of guts left on my fur. What a mess. Then I sat down, made some popcorn and watched Mamma Mia! I love Meryl Streep.


5 thoughts on “I decided to quit smoking – Day 3 (The raging beast)

    1. I get it, this is the third time I try quitting. It’s like you said, you know it’s not good for you and yet it’s real hard to leave it for good. Thank you for your support!

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