Pardon my French

It is true that you learn from every experience, the good and the bad ones. The past weeks have been stressing but very interesting. For instance, the crowdfunding events we (my husband and I) did last month didn’t turn out the way we expected. Although we promoted the events, very little people showed up. I must say that after you put your heart on something and things go wrong, it’s quite a bummer, but we did learn not get our hopes down and to find other ways of making our short, and also, to never promote crowdfunding events as such. In the end, we decided to do the short in a very low budget and asking local filmmakers for favors, we are doing it with or without money. Continue reading “Pardon my French”


The roller skating anecdote

On my previous post I wrote about how you must get up and continue after you fall, and yesterday I literally had to do that. As a girl, I loved skating with my grandfather’s skates, the old artistic-style ones; then I grew up and stopped doing it. Later, a few years ago, I bought a pair of artistic skates that looked just like my grandpa’s, but didn’t I really used them, until yesterday. I have to say that skating after so many years is not like riding a bike, you do forget how to do it. At first, my legs would not stop shaking, I moved very slowly and my arms were just flapping around as I tried to stabilize my body. After a while, I was gaining confidence and I started skating a little faster, when suddenly I lost control and fell on my butt; since I was in a park, some people saw what happened, nobody laughed, there was just silence. Gladly, the only thing hurt was my vanity, so very gracefully (that’s how I like to imagine it) I got up and continued skating. As I kept gaining confidence, I stopped feeling nervous and started to have fun, next thing I knew I was rushing and passing joggers. The funniest part was when a girl asked to take her picture and I could’t because I didn’t know how to stop.

So here’s what I learned: at your career, people will see you fall, but if you get up and continue your way, the next time they see you, you’ll be just rushing past them; don’t think about what people think of you, just have fun and enjoy yourself. As for my career, tomorrow my husband and I are hosting our first fundraising event. I’m sure I’ll be nervous and maybe it won’t work, but I don’t care, I’ll have fun anyway.

Neda Ruscic


Well, nobody said it is easy to have a career and be successful at it, it does take a lot of work, specially when you start from scratch and you live in a third world country. I used to blame the people around me when things didn’t go my way, my parents, society, etc, now I know better. Now I realize that once you start a journey, there will be more than one obstacle, but the key to overcome them is not to change your destination, but to get up, take care of your wounds, if any, and go on, next time you’ll be more careful. Continue reading “Obstacles”


Professionalism comes with knowledge and experience, and although you can skip the theoretical part and jump to learning through experience, in the end, knowledge will give you all the tools you need to become an expert on your field of work. In this internet era, it’s very easy to learn pretty much anything you want, but there is something about going to school and having a teacher that is irreplaceable. If I’ve learned something from Ayn Rand, is that knowledge and the will to create are the greatest expression of the human kind. Continue reading “Knowledge”

The everyday struggle

Success beings with a single idea that must be followed till it’s last consequences. It’s not an easy journey, not for most people, not for me. It took me a long time to finally decide what I want to be, and there’s a difference between what you want to do and who you want to be. When you choose a career, you also define yourself. The main problem we face, is that we usually expect to do great things or to be recognized within a short time, and that’s not realistic. Many people start something and then quit because they think they’re not good if results don’t come as expected, and in our obsession of putting a name to everything, there is a word for the fear of not being good enough, atelophobia. Continue reading “The everyday struggle”

Enlighten me

There can’t be a good picture if light is misused. In photography, if you know how use natural lighting, or even better, how to work with artificial lights, you are a pro. I can’t call myself a professional photographer, not yet, but this week I’m ready to take another step, so I’ll be going out to learn how to work with the different kinds of natural light. This way, when I get to direct my first real photo shoot, I’ll be ready. Practice creates the master.

Neda Ruscic

The ugliest feeling

We’re human, we can’t help having unpleasant feelings. I think jealousy and envy are the ugliest of all and they make me feel like an awful person. All I can do is try to somehow find balance while I’m in that place. It’s not a matter of bad or wrong, it’s just human nature. As self-conscious beings, we are able to stop that train of thought before it takes us to the dark side of our minds. Yesterday I had to stare my demon right in the eye. Continue reading “The ugliest feeling”