Professionalism comes with knowledge and experience, and although you can skip the theoretical part and jump to learning through experience, in the end, knowledge will give you all the tools you need to become an expert on your field of work. In this internet era, it’s very easy to learn pretty much anything you want, but there is something about going to school and having a teacher that is irreplaceable. If I’ve learned something from Ayn Rand, is that knowledge and the will to create are the greatest expression of the human kind.

This week I started my photometry course and it is as captivating as I thought it would be. I have an old-school teacher, with years of experience, who is as in love with photography as I am. It was just the first class and I was very happy to learn how to shoot at night and I also learned a new technique, very similar to the Hitchcock effect in video. At the same time, my husband is almost ready to shoot his new short film; it is very exciting because it will be the first time he’ll be directing an entire crew. Also, we are ready to send our last short to horror festivals. It’s about a serial-killer former nun who tracks an atheist who mocks religion on line.

The DVD ready to be sent
The DVD ready to be sent

Neda Ruscic


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